Forgot your password, how do I unlock BitLocker?

In order to protect the data, BitLocker encryption was performed on the E disk. However, after reinstalling the system, the E disk cannot be accessed. Double-click the E drive and no password input window pops up. Right click and select "Unlock Drive" and nothing happens. How to do?

addition to reinstall the system, comprising disassembly BitLocker encrypted hard disk drive or a hard disk is moved to the other computer, there may not be ejected password input window, you can not access the data.

written before the text of the words: With Bitlocker encryption, security information from the user's point of view to consider, you must have a password or key to open of one or recovery-related files. If you forget your password, you must find the backup key to open the file. If the key is not found, the encrypted file will basically not be opened...
When you have a key, you can use the administrator command to unlock the drive. The details are as follows:
In the Start menu, open "All Programs> Accessories> Command Prompt". Right-click on the "Command Prompt" and select "Run as administrator"

If a User Account Control (UAC) window pops up, allow to continue.

Type the following command on the command line:
manage-bde ?Cunlock E: -RecoveryPassword ******
(here, E represents the drive letter that needs to be unlocked.)< BR>
Note: The "******" part is the recovery key of BitLocker instead of the password we set ourselves (as shown in the yellow area below); in addition, please pay attention to the space.

unlock success:

reminder: after
BitLocker encryption lifted, the password window does not pop up again in the future in order to avoid a good idea to unlock the drive, then re-set BitLocker encryption again.
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