How to set up automatic shutdown skills with WinXP system


Microsoft Windows XP shutdown is controlled by the Shutdown.exe program, located in the Windows\\System32 folder. If you want Windows 2000 to achieve the same effect, you can copy Shutdown.exe to the system directory.

For example, if your computer needs to be shut down at 22:00, you can choose “Start →Run”, enter “at 22:00 Shutdown -s”, so that at 22 o'clock the computer will appear &ldquo The system shutdown & rdquo; dialog box, the default has a 30 second countdown and prompts you to save the work. If you want to shut down in a countdown mode, you can enter "Shutdown.exe -s -t 3600”, which means that it will automatically shut down after 60 minutes," 3600” represents 60 minutes.

After setting the automatic shutdown, if you want to cancel, you can enter “shutdown -a” in the run. In addition, enter "ldtdown -i" to open the Set Auto Shutdown dialog box to set the Auto Shutdown.

The parameters of Shutdown.exe, each have a specific purpose, each of them will have different effects, such as "-s”" means to shut down the local computer, "-a" is canceled. Br>

Machine operation, more parameters are listed below, you can use it in Shutdown.exe as needed.

Usage: shutdown [-i

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