Windows xp operating system network card mac address modification method


Computer shop news can be right click on the “My Network Places” icon on the desktop, select “Properties”, in the pop-up “Network Connection” dialog box, in “Local Connection” Right click on the icon and select “Properties", a dialog box pops up "Local Connection Properties", click the "Configure" button, select "Advanced", select the left column "Attributes" "network"network address" (In fact, not all network cards, the description of the physical address is used “network address", such as intel's network card is described by "locally administered address", as long as it is in the right frame You can find the “value” this option is OK, then select the above single option in the right column "value" (not “ does not exist & rdquo;), you can enter the desired box in the right box Change the NIC mac address, the form is ““000b6af6f4f9”. Click the “OK” button to modify it. However, there are some NICs. This option, don't worry, you can try to update the driver of the network card first. In general, this option will appear after the driver is updated. However, there are still special cases. No matter how you change it, there is no such option. What should you do? Then go down Look, the following method can be said to be omnipotent. Step 1, click “ Start & rdquo;, select “ Run & rdquo;, type “ regedit & rdquo; call up the registry. Step 2, in hkey_local_machine\\\\system\\ \\currentcontrolset\\\\control\\\\class\\\\{4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} \\\\0000, 0001, 0002 and other primary keys, look for driveresc, the content is the description of the network card to be modified, such as intel's network card will be Described as <quo;intel(r) pro/100+ management adapter", 3com's network card will be described as "3com etherlink xl 10/100 pci for complete pc management nic (3c905c-tx)” and so on. The location of the options mentioned above for the NIC description is related to the NIC itself and the operating system. Different network cards may appear under different primary keys, and the same network card may appear in different locations with different versions of the operating system (such as oem version, vol or vlk, etc.). The task of this step is to find the primary key that contains the description of the network card. Step 3, select the primary key found in the second step, add a string in the right column, named "network address", the value is set to the mac address to be changed, the form is "“000b6af6f4f9”." At this point, the task of modifying the physical address of the network card can be said to be completed. Some network cards need to restart the following to work normally, and some only need a little time & ldquo; reaction & rdquo; The following steps are for the convenience of modifying the physical address later. If the reader no longer needs to modify it again, it can be stopped here. In step 4, add a primary key named “networkaddress” under the primary key selected by the first step, and then generally generate a “by default” in the right frame. The string of ” sets its value to the mac address that you want to modify, in the form of “000b6af6f4f9”. If you don't have this string, you can add this string yourself. This step is to set an initial mac address for the NIC. In the fifth step, under the primary key of <quo;networkaddress”, continue to add a string named "exclusive", the value is set to “1”, then select "<quo;network address" in the advanced attributes of the network card. The "Nothing exists" option will appear on the right. In step 6, under the primary key of “networkaddress”, continue to add a string named "paramdesc", which is used to specify the description of the primary key, which can be named by itself, such as <quo;network address” In the advanced properties of the network card, the "network address" option will appear, which is the new item added to the registry <;networkaddress”, you can modify the mac address here. Step 7, restart the computer (not necessarily restart, but depending on the requirements of different network cards, however, there is no error in the restart.), according to the first method to find the "advanced" option can be found at this time The "Properties" column has an option for <;network address", which can now be used by the reader to directly modify the mac address or restore the original address.

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