How to fix a damaged Windows XP "user account"

                  As everyone knows, Windows XP provides Windows Welcome screen login mode and fast user switching function compared to other versions of Windows, which makes it convenient for us to use one computer for multiple people. Because of this, the "User Account" in the Windows XP Control Panel is also different from other versions of Windows, which allows us to choose whether to enable the welcome screen, enable fast user switching, and set avatars for user accounts. //This article comes from the computer software and hardware application network

However, the main interface of the Windows XP User Account is an HTML interface-based program, such as "Change User" in "User Account" Menus such as "login and logout", they are actually links. Because of this, the "user account" of Windows XP is vulnerable to damage. For example, someone may have encountered the following problem. When opening the "user account" in Windows XP, the entire program interface is blank, and an error message appears: invalid. User Account could not be started.

This type of error is caused by the invalidation of the .DLL dynamic link library registration status in the Windows XP system. To fix such problems, you need to re-register the corresponding .DLL dynamic link with the REGSVR32 command. Library file. First, we can execute the SFC /SCANNOW command to check the integrity of the system files. After confirming that there are no problems with the system files, execute them in sequence:

REGSVR32 /S %SystemRoot%\\system32\\JSCRIPT.DLL

REGSVR32 /S %SystemRoot%\\system32\\NUSRMGR.CPL

REGSVR32 /S %SystemRoot%\\system32\\THEMEUI.DLL

REGSVR32 /S %SystemRoot%\\system32\\VBSCRIPT.DLL < BR>
REGSVR32 /S /I %SystemRoot%\\system32\\MSHTML.DLL

The problem can be solved.

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