How to use CuteFTP


1. Install cuteftp

The latest Chinese green version, easy to use!

2.Get the FTP server address, username, password

3. Set up the FTP site connection

Run the cuteftp green version, you can get The software window shown in the figure.

As can be seen from the above figure, the window of the cuteftp green version is designed to be well-defined and the function is clear. We can do uploading and downloading with a simple mouse drag!

Set the connection information in the cuteftp green version. The specific method is as follows:

(1) Open the [Site Manager] dialog box

Select [File]| [Site Manager] command (or click the [Site Manager] button at the far left of the toolbar) to open the [Site Manager] dialog box as shown in the figure

(2) New Connection Site

In the [Site Manager] dialog box, click the [New] button to create a new site. You can re-enter a site name based on the characteristics of the site you are building.

(3) Enter the server address, username and password

Click on the name of your new site and enter the authorized server address, username and password in the corresponding text box on the right. You can refer to The settings are shown in Figure 2.

(4) Cancel the firewall Some servers have some special requirements, such as setting some advanced parameters, it is more common to cancel the firewall settings. Click the [Edit] button, the [Setup] dialog box will pop up, click the [Advanced] tab in the dialog box, and then use [Use PASV Mode] and [Use

Firewall Settings] in the window. The previous check mark is removed, and finally the [OK] button is clicked as shown.

At this point, your FTP server connection is basically set up. Click the [Connect] button in the dialog box shown in Figure 2, so that you can connect to the server. If everything is connected properly, the "Server Directory List" window shown in Figure 1 will be remotely authorized to your server directory list.

If you want to upload files, just drag the files in the "local directory" window to the corresponding directory in the "server directory list" window, and download the file is the same method. . In addition, you can also create directories, delete files, rename files, etc. in the “server directory list" window according to the authorization status.

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