Vsftpd file transfer server build method


1. Install the vsftpd service and db

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<! --[if ! supportLists]-->2,<! --[endif]-->Add three virtual users devadmin sales saleadm

3. Convert the list file to DB database file with db_load tool

<! --[if ! supportLists]-->4,<! --[endif]-->Create a directory for FTP access and system users for virtual users

5. Create a root directory that can be accessed by any user and can be downloaded /var/ftp/soft

Create directories and files for user sales and saleadm access

<! --[if ! supportLists]-->6,<! --[endif]-->Set PAM file for virtual users

7. Modify the vsftpd.conf main configuration file to enable virtual user support

<! --[if ! supportLists]-->8, <! --[endif]-->Create separate configuration files for different users

<! --[endif]-->

Anonymous users

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devadmin Configuration

Configuring a separate configuration file for user sales

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Configure a separate configuration file for the user saleadm

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<! --[if ! supportLists]-->9, <! --[endif]--> Restart vfstpd service

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<! --[if ! supportLists]-->10, <! --[endif]-->Verification result

Anonymous user login

Sales login, only download/copy can not perform other operations

Saleadm login, var/Market has administrative rights

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Devadm login management /var/ftp/soft


Successful trial! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Turn off the firewall

2. Turn off and disable sclinux setenforce 0 or add firewall rules.

3. File permissions may occur. File Permissions

4. Appear: Do not allow multiple users to use multiple connections with more than one username or server or shared resource

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