What if the win7 computer cannot uninstall the patch package update?


Although in many cases, we know that the w764 Ultimate download system is a single system, it seems that it will not change, but in fact, our Windows system is constantly updated with the system. Upgrade, and the update and upgrade of our win7 Ultimate system is closely related to the installation of this patch package. Compared with the previous one patch and one patch installation, the installation method of this patch package is undoubtedly more convenient and quick. But in reality, there is a problem, that is, the patch package is not applicable to every version of the system. If we think that the patch package is not suitable, I want to uninstall the patch package and find that it cannot be uninstalled. This is not, today One user who uses the win7 Ultimate system is hard to get this problem. Below, let's talk about the operation method!

1. First, let's click to open the start menu of the win7 Ultimate computer. In the open start menu, we click on the Select Control Panel option.

2. In the control panel of the open win7 Ultimate computer, we click on the Select Programs option, and then open the programs and functions in it -> view the installed updates.

3. In the new window, let's find the patch update package we want to uninstall, then right click and select Uninstall.

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