How to prohibit automatic installation of devices in win7 computer?


Under normal circumstances, the device drivers in our Windows system are manually selected, but there are so many rogue software, it will choose to install automatically, from time to time in our Windows system, causing us to operate On the burden, and often, these software are often not needed, can not use, will only take up some of our system memory software, if this time, we will set their own win7 64-bit flagship iso computer to prohibit automatic If you install it, you can save a lot of trouble. Below, Xiaobian will tell you in detail how to disable the automatic installation of the device!

1. First, let's press win7 at the same time. The win+R shortcut on the flagship computer keyboard opens the computer's running window. In the open running window, we enter gpedit.msc and click Enter. This will open the Group Policy Editor window of the win7 Ultimate computer. .

2. In the Open Group Policy Editor window, click on the left menu to expand the "Computer Configuration & mdash; Administrative Templates & mdash; System & mdash; Device Installation", then we find the right On the side of the “Device Installation Restrictions” option and click Expand, in the internal project of “Device Installation Restrictions”, we find and double-click “Allow installation of devices not described by other policy settings”.

3. An edit window will pop up. Let's change the default setting to Enabled, then click OK to save it.

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