Windows 2003 partition capacity enhancement


Partitioning is the way to increase the space for a partition when it does not meet the usage requirements. Many friends encounter this situation, generally using PartitionMagic. But in fact, users who use Windows XP/Server 2003 can use the built-in disk management function to complete the partition space " capacity expansion. Let's explore it by way of example.

First, draw free space

Suppose now you need to increase the capacity of the D disk 50MB, this space needs to be extracted from the E disk. Then we must first divide the 50MB space from the E disk. The process of this operation is as follows:

First transfer all the data of the E disk to other partitions, then click “Start →Run”, enter “Diskmgmt.msc” and press Enter to open the disk. Manage & rdquo; window. Select the E disk and right click, and select the “Delete this logical drive” item in the shortcut menu that pops up. In the pop-up prompt box, click the “Yes” button to continue. After the operation is completed, the same amount of free space as the deleted partition will appear in the "disk"

Second, increase the capacity of the partition

At this point, please note that the current space of the D drive is 855MB, now we are going to increase the operation of 50MB. Click “Start → Programs & Rarr; Attachments & Rarr; Command Prompt ", in the window that opens, enter “Diskpart”,“List volume”,“Select volume 2”,“Extend Size=50&rdquo Four orders.

Among them, the "Diskpart" command is used to call the DOS disk management program, and the "Diskpart/?” command can see the Chinese help information under the DOS command. “List Volume” is used to display the details of all the disks on the system, so as to know the volume number of the required expansion partition.

Here you can see that the volume number of the D drive is "2" and the "Select Volume 2" command is used to select the volume. Here, select the volume 2 according to the prompt from the previous step; "Extend Size= 50” is used to increase the space of the D disk. The source space of this capacity is of course the free space divided. From the results of the command execution "DiskPart successfully expanded the volume", we have successfully expanded the space of the D drive, as shown.

Finally, select the remaining free space in the "Disk Management Window", click <; Operation & Rarr; All Tasks & Rarr; New Logical Drive ” command, assign drive letter to the space according to the prompt Formatting is fine.

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