Users need Vista to make better use of Win2008


Gartner analysts say that enterprise users need to install Windows Vista to effectively use a range of features in Windows Server 2008, and these features are not supported in earlier versions of Windows. It's great.

Windows Vista and Server 2008 work together to enhance the efficient operation of TCP/IP networks, NAC and management policies, while also guaranteeing the quality of service. However, the 2008 version is still available for other operating systems. Access to the pipeline, but this is not directly more effective using Vista.

Microsoft software has formed an inseparable platform, important Microsoft services such as Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, etc. often need to be in the same environment Run to take advantage of the features on the platform AD, and if not deployed on the previous version of Windows Server, administrators will usually find that they are not able to do so - Windows client versions often encounter such problems. In addition, Gartner vs 32 -64-bit conversion is also a concern.

Vista Zone Review: Finding Gartner analysts are getting more and more inaccurate recently Windows 2008 Active Directory or better deployment.

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