Easily back up system services and solve Win2008 optimization faults


In order to make Windows 2008 system work efficiently, many users will choose to optimize the system, but after optimization, the system will find some inexplicable faults. I don't know how to go. solve. In fact, many of these faults are caused by the optimization system forcibly shutting down some system services. To avoid such troubles, users can back up the win2008 system service in order to optimize the series of faults.

First, the backup system service ideas

Because the Windows Server 2008 system does not directly provide users with system service backup function by default, we need to seek help from external tools. And EVEREST Ultimate tools can help us achieve the purpose of backup system services. The EVEREST Ultimate program is a tool for testing software and hardware system information. It can display information on any aspect of the Windows system in a very detailed manner, including information on system services, and can generate reports on various detected information. With this feature, we can use the EVEREST Ultimate program to generate a report on the running status of the system service before optimizing the Windows Server 2008 system, in order to achieve the effect of “photographing retention”; future Windows Server 2008 system After the optimization operation, if we find that the system has an unexpected failure, we use the system service report function of the EVEREST Ultimate program to perform the photo forensics for the system after optimization. After that, use the file comparison function that comes with the Windows Server 2008 system to compare the changes of the system service report files before and after the optimization operation. According to the change, we can quickly determine which system service running status is forcibly modified by the optimization tool. .

Second, backup system service operation

According to the previous analysis, we can download the EVEREST Ultimate tool compression package from the Internet, and then extract it to the system specified directory, and then Double-click the EVEREST Ultimate program file in the specified directory to open the main program interface as shown;

EVEREST Ultimate Edition 5.50.2100 Multi-language Green

Download Address: http : region, located in the mouse & ldquo //www.xitongzhijia.net/soft/9140.html

is displayed in the left side of the main program interface; EVEREST- OS - service & rdquo; node On the option, in the right area of ​​the corresponding "Services" option, we will clearly see various attribute information of all services in the Windows Server 2008 system, such as service name information, service status information, service description information, Service process information, etc.; Previous 12 Next page Total 2 pages

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