How to backup computer files before the upgrade of win10 official version?


The recent win10 is very hot, everyone can't wait to upgrade win10, but some of the partners forget to back up the previous files, this article teaches you how to find the previous system files from the upgraded system!

1, find windows.old:

First find windows.old from the upgraded system disk, the path is as follows: C: \\ windows.old, if you do not find this folder, this article does not need Read

2, restore the desktop file:

Find the desktop file in the previous system from windows.old, the path is as follows: C:\\windows.old\\Users\\Administrator \\Desktop

3. Restore some installation files:

C:\\windows.old\\Program Files (x86)

C:\\windows.old\\Program Files

4, restore the download file: C:\\windows.old\\Users\\Administrator\\Downloads

5, restore the default favorites: C:\\windows.old \\Users\\Administrator\\Favorites

6. In general, the above paths can restore the files you want, but if you want to recover more files, you can't find them. If you can, talk privately to me

7, finally how In addition to windows.old folder.

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