Windows2003 clustering method

first talk about the required environment: 1, each machine has only one network card, operating system windows2003 sp2, prepare three IP addresses, such as: server A: server B: and used Cluster IP: The next step is the same as the one described on the Internet: Create a new cluster on A (Control Panel -> Management Tools -> Cluster Management Tool below), the IP address of the cluster is mode To be selected as "multicast" Please note that you want to select "multicast" in unicast mode. I tried to add a second host in one day. The filtering mode of port rules is: multiple hosts: none Don't choose a single here, because when it is single, when one of the servers hangs, the request that was previously connected to this server will not be automatically forwarded to another server, which is obviously not what we hope to see. Will show that it is being aggregated. In general, it will be aggregated. Next, go to Server B: Also open the Cluster Manager "Network Load Balancing Manager"., connect to the new cluster. Enter the IP address of A. At this time, it is very likely that you will be prompted to "unable to access the host" or "Can't locate the situation", or ask for the login user name and password, etc., but it is not correct. At this time, you can refer to the Microsoft documentation to modify the registry, disable authentication or other methods. When there is no problem, you will see that the server A has been aggregated. Then add B to the server A, select add host. To the cluster. If the problem in the previous step is solved, there is usually no problem here. Then switch to B, choose to add the host to the cluster, and add its own IP to the cluster. After a while, the display will be aggregated. At this point, we can receive the cluster ip: on IIS to test whether our configuration is valid. The IIS of both servers receives the cluster IP instead of the original IP. It creates two pages with the same address and different page contents. Put them on two servers, turn off one to see what's displayed, turn off the one, and start that one to see the changes. In general, we have already done it. Note: The account and password of the two servers must remain the same. & ldquo; Network Load Balancing Manager & rdquo; After configuration, please save the host list. Otherwise, you will not see the list the next time you open it. Both servers must be saved. The log can be turned on so that the problem can be analyzed.
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