Win8.1 can not connect to wifi how to do? Win8.1 connection wifi limited solution graphic explanation


The official version of Wdindows 8.1 has been released for half a month. Many friends have found some problems during the use process. For example, the win8.1 wifi drop is more common, so if win8.1 connects wifi What should I do if I am restricted? Everyone will continue to look down and know.

Many users complain that System Tray will show that the WiFi connection is dropped or the network connection is limited, so that the webpage cannot be browsed.

The following is a personal experience written by a user in the Microsoft community.

“When I use system tools to solve the problem, always show the default gateway, I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver several times, installed the latest driver directly from Intel, and then restarted the computer, I put The WiFi connection is disconnected and then connected, but WiFi will be disconnected from time to time.

This issue seems to be unrelated to a particular hardware configuration, but there are reports that WiFi and routing driver upgrades can resolve these issues.

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