Self-excavation, Windows Server 2008 data backup has a doorway


As the saying goes, "I am afraid of 10,000, I am afraid of it." The important data information stored in the server hard disk is often lost without any warning, and the lost data. If the information cannot be found, it may bring us fatal losses. In order to protect the security of data information, it is imperative to back them up safely! Although there are many ways to back up data information, many methods often require support from external tools; however, in Windows Server 2008 system When backing up data information in the environment, we don't need to dig into the search for professional data backup tools, because the system comes with a very powerful backup function, we can self-excavate Windows Server 2008 system, you can do whatever you want. The data is safely backed up.

Although the old version of the Windows system also has a data backup function, do not assume that the backup function that comes with the Windows Server 2008 system is a simple improvement on the basis of the previous It is a brand new data backup technology. With these new technologies, we can enjoy a unique data backup service:

The Windows Server 2008 system comes with a backup function. Data blocks and disk volumes, while the normal backup function operates on file information. This new backup feature uses block level and disk shadow service technology to back up files and folders. While the disk shadow service technology works, it uses the data snapshot function to store the changed data block information of the target disk without completely storing all the disk contents, so that the data backup speed is Can be greatly improved. After we have completed the backup operation of the important data information in the server for the first time, the backup function of the Windows Server 2008 system will automatically run the incremental backup operation in the future, ensuring that only the data content changed after the last backup will be stored in the future. The traditional data backup function needs us to choose whether to perform a full backup or an incremental backup every time. Obviously, this will also affect the speed of data backup operations.

After using the normal data backup function to back up the data information, it is often troublesome to restore the data in the future, especially the data content of the incremental backup operation. Manually restore the ground, obviously the efficiency of such data reduction operations is very low. However, the new data backup function can automatically determine the incremental backup part of the data backup content during the data restore operation, and then quickly restore the content of the incremental backup at one time without us having to manually participate. As soon as we can easily enjoy a simple data restoration service.

As information backups continue to increase, it becomes necessary to back up data information to optical media such as DVDs; Windows Server 2008 systems are designed to "comply with public opinion" Specifically, the function of directly backing up data contents to a DVD disc is added, by which we can copy important data contents of the server system to a writable DVD disc. Of course, when backing up important data to a DVD disc, the new backup feature of Windows Server 2008 system uses compression technology, which means that the data is compressed by the compression function before the data is backed up, and then written to the specified DVD disc. In this way, we can only perform a complete restore of the data content on the DVD disc in the future, but not a partial restore. In addition, the new backup feature of the Windows Server 2008 system backs up important data content to a network disk or to a designated shared folder.

The new backup function of Windows Server 2008 system is reflected by the Windows Server Backup component program. However, the component program is not installed and run by default. The component program is installed first to perform a new data backup operation through it.

When installing the Windows Server Backup component program, we can open the "Start" menu in the Windows Server 2008 system desktop, and then click the "Programs", "Administrative Tools", "Server Manager" options. , enter the server manager interface of the corresponding system; expand the "functions" branch in the display area on the left side of the interface, and then click the "add function" button below the branch to open the function addition wizard window shown in Figure 1; >

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