Windows 8 shows the method of disappearing hibernation option (graphic tutorial)

and using Alt+F4 to see the Windows option under the Aero interface, there is still no hibernation. We have and can use hibernation in the case of Win7. Is my computer too old? Or is the default Win8 not providing hibernation? Under normal circumstances, Microsoft's features are definitely provided with a switch. I think of the omnipotent group strategy and see if there are any options. Win+R enters the gpedit.msc command and Win7 and then enters the Group Policy interface, select “Computer Configuration>, Administrative Template"             In this branch, there is a strategy marked in English, which means that hibernation is displayed in the power option: “Show hibermate in the power options menu” according to the usual operation, modify it to “enabled”forced refresh Before the previous group policy settings, win+X select “ command prompt (admin) & rdquo; enter “gpupdate /force” open the power management interface again, then found that the long-lost hibernation option appeared. I tried the hibernation option, but it seems to have entered the restart interface and did not sleep. What is the reason for this? Is there a device that prevents trying to hibernate? Perhaps for this reason, Win8 hides the hibernate option by default. Since this is the case, check to see which device is blocking sleep or affecting hibernation. Continue to use win+X to select “command prompt (administrator)", enter “powercfg /devicequery wake_armed” to see that the device that supports wake-up from hibernation has one, mouse. Modify it to not let it wake up the computer, the computer can finally sleep under Win8.
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