OEMs help Microsoft push Foundation Edition server system


China Beijing April 27, 2009—Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. today cooperated with many OEMs in Beijing to officially launch Windows Server 2008 for China SME market. Foundation's server hardware product. As an entry-level server platform product, Windows Server 2008 Foundation is tailored to the needs of SMBs and departmental applications, providing a cost-effective information and resource sharing infrastructure for this type of user, with outstanding price/performance ratio. The best choice for users who need an entry-level server platform solution. Bill Hilf, general manager of Microsoft's Windows server market and platform strategy, Li Shijie, vice president of Microsoft Greater China and general manager of the Greater China division of the OEM division, and Eric Feagler, director of the server product group at Microsoft Greater China ), as well as representatives from OEMs such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lenovo and Baode were also present.

Unlike previous Windows Server products, Windows Server 2008 Foundation products are pre-installed on the servers of major OEMs. Users only need to purchase server hardware devices pre-installed with Windows Server 2008 Foundation. Get basic server functions such as file, print sharing, system management, and remote access, making it easy and convenient for users to run common business applications, database management, and hosted websites. For the lack of relevant technical personnel and cost-based SMEs and departmental applications, the combination of Windows Server 2008 Foundation and mainstream vendors' products undoubtedly provides a very convenient and practical software and hardware solution.

"Windows Server Foundation is the perfect choice for customers looking for cost-effective server solutions," said Bill Hilf, general manager of Microsoft's Windows Server market and platform strategy. "Microsoft has long been committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses around the world drive innovation, quickly capture return on investment, and effectively control costs. Especially in the current global economic situation, small and medium-sized enterprises need to better control costs to ensure Its own survival and development. It is the need to see the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises around the world, and the rapid development and implementation of the Windows Server 2008 Foundation."

"Microsoft's cooperation with major OEMs, In order to enable small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain more targeted overall solutions and simple and convenient purchase and application experience." Li Shijie, vice president of Microsoft Greater China and general manager of Greater China, OEM business unit said: "China is Windows Server 2008 One of the Foundation's most important markets, we will work with major OEMs through this micro The newest member of the soft Windows server family helps domestic SMEs to cope with the economic crisis more easily, and to better rise and develop after the crisis.
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