Getting Server Backups with Windows Server Backup


For servers, backup is the most effective safeguard and should be a routine task. Windows Server 2008 integrates a very efficient backup tool - Windows Server Backup, which allows administrators to freely back up data on the server and create backup plans for automatic backup. In this article, I will demonstrate and explain the technical details of implementing server backup using the Windows Server Backup tool.

1. Install Windows Server Backup

The Windows Server Backup tool is included in all versions of Windows Server 2008, but it is not installed by default. To install the Windows Server Backup tool, we can do it through the Server Manager. Select the Features node in the Server Manager from the left pane, then click the Add Features link on the right, and the Add Features Wizard opens. In the Select Features interface, select Windows Server Backup (it is recommended to select Windows Recovery Disc at the same time, this tool is the restore tool). When you select the Windows Server Backup feature, both Windows Server Backup and command line tool options are selected. Click Next and then click the Install button. After the wizard has installed these features, click the "Close" button. At this point, the Windows Server Backup feature becomes an option under the Manage Tool Steel menu, and you will also see the Create Recovery Disk option under the All Programs→Maintenance menu. (Figure 1)

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