Run fast, clean up Vista system garbage


Cleaning up system garbage is one of the must-dos for every Microsoft operating system user. Since it is homework, there will be a difference between someone doing well and someone doing poorly. Although the author did not dare to blame the best, but the author also dared to say that the chest to say that my homework to clean up the system is really complete and perfect. Take the Windows Vista operating system that I am using now, there should be a lot of friends who use the “cleanmgr.exe” command in a step-by-step manner to clean up system garbage in a “manually” manner. But don't you think that it is too inefficient to clean up the garbage every time by step by step. The author explores a set of “automatic” methods in the work, as long as you set the system, you will not have to worry about it later. Go to the control panel and open “Administrative Tools”→“Task Scheduler> (Figure 1). In the dialog that opens, click on “Create Task”
in the rightmost window

The difficulty of the next operation is not very high, but the operation steps are more complicated. The author will introduce the specific setting process one by one for everyone, please pay attention to see the order of operations. Tip: cleanmgr.exe is a small program built into Microsoft system. With it, users can clean up system garbage in a safer state. In fact, it is also disk cleanup.

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