A small software to help you get rid of the computer system Windows restart troubles


Windows Update is a good program, providing the most basic security for the system security, but it will be annoying to restart automatically after each update. Vista claims to have "restart manager", which can reduce the number of reboots, even if it is not restarted, but Windows XP users are still affected by the update and restart. How to get Windows XP out of the trouble of restarting? Autoreboot Disable Download

If your system is Windows XP, then you can use Autoreboot Disable to update the software without restarting the genuine xp system. First download Autoreboot Disable. After running the software, select "Disable Auto Reboot", then click on "Apply" (apply), it will be OK.
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Windows Vista does not need any software, just enter a statement: click & ldquo; start - run & rdquo;, enter “ sc stop wuauserv & rdquo; (without quotes). Very simple!

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