How to set up Win7 system to automatically connect to broadband?


At work, we need to use a computer every day, it must be connected to the network, but manually connect to the broadband every day, this is more irritating, is there any way to automatically connect to the broadband? Since you have raised such a problem, then Xiaobian will tell you, let's take a look at the following Win7 system settings to start the automatic connection broadband tutorial you will know.

Specific steps:

1. First, we turn on the "Broadband Connection" after booting, check "“ save the username and password for the following users", then select “ any use of this The computer person & rdquo; click on the connection. ;

2, open again & ldquo; & rdquo ;, broadband connection Click & ldquo; Properties & rdquo ;. Open & ldquo; broadband connection property & rdquo; after switching to & ldquo; Options & rdquo; tab and then the & ldquo; Tips name, password, and certificate & rdquo; in front of the hook to cancel, click on the & ldquo; OK & rdquo ;;

3, create a new text document on the desktop, copy the code below and save as;

@echo off start /wait "30" %windir%\\system32\ asphone.exe -d " ; broadband connection "

4, the & ldquo; save as & rdquo; window, & ldquo; save as type & rdquo; change & ldquo; All files & rdquo ;, the & ldquo; filename & rdquo; change & ldquo; connection.bat & rdquo ;, and click click OK;

5, and then open the & ldquo; start menu - All programs - start & rdquo ;, the newly created & ldquo; connection.bat & rdquo; file Cut to the “Startup” folder and finally restart your computer.

more about Win7 system boot automatically set up a broadband connection method small series introduced here, you got it! Once set, you no longer have to manually connect to the broadband.

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