Little-known win2008 network management optimization skills


Windows2008 has a certain operational difference with other windows operating systems. As a server to use Windows 2008, due to its emphasis on security and stability, many methods of operation are different. To better play the windows2008 system, we can start with optimizing windows2008 network management.

1. Let the shared transfer be faster

In the LAN working environment, when we try to access the shared resources in the Windows Server 2008 system from the ordinary computer, we will find the target shared file. When content is copied from a Windows Server 2008 system to a local hard disk, the transfer speed of shared files is very slow. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the Windows Server 2008 system has enabled the "remote differential compression" function, which automatically calculates the difference between the two files on the network and uses the minimum network before the shared file is transferred. Bandwidth resources to transmit differential content, it is obvious that this process will drag down the speed of file sharing transmission, so in the Windows Server 2008 system environment, we can turn off the "remote differential compression" function, so that the file sharing transmission speed is faster, the following is Close the "Remote Differential Compression" function:

First log in to the Windows Server 2008 system desktop with super privileges, and then click the "Start" menu in the "Start" menu. “Administrative Tools /“Server Manager” command, click on the left side of the list area in the pop-up window to click the "Features" option;

Secondly in the corresponding "Features" option On the right side of the display area, open the “ feature summary & rdquo; set the area, from which we can see However, it is seen that the "remote differential compression" function has been enabled to run; once it is found that the function has been started, then we can directly click the "delete function" button in the corresponding settings area to open the figure In the Select Function List window shown in Figure 1, uncheck the “Remote Differential Compression” option, and then click the “Delete” button in the corresponding list window, so that “remote differential compression” function is not Will interfere with the normal transfer of shared files, then the file sharing transfer speed will naturally be faster.

In addition, Windows Server 2008 systems by default will be established for the target shared folder file indexing service for future fast file search operation, but the index will affect the network transmission service to share files Speed, and often the indexing service of the shared folder does not work, so we can also try to turn off the indexing service of the system. When closing the indexing service of the target shared folder, we can first open the system's explorer window, find the target shared folder, and right-click the folder icon to execute “properties> from the pop-up shortcut menu. ; command, open the property setting window of the target shared folder, click the “General” tab in the settings window, and then click the “Advanced” button in the corresponding tab page to open the Advanced Settings dialog box, cancel the "Create an index of this drive for faster search", select the status, and finally click the "OK" button. Previous12345Next page Total 5 pages

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