Win10 official version push 10586.104 cumulative update number is KB3135173


Microsoft today launched a new wave of cumulative update push for Win10 official users. The system version number will be upgraded to 10586.104 and the update number is KB3135173. As always, this update focuses on fixing issues and improving system performance.

Users can check for downloads in Settings —Updates & Security—Windows Updates.

▲Update number is KB3135173

If you have already joined the Insider preview, you will not receive this update. However, you can upgrade to the latest 14257 preview.

In addition, users need to be aware that if you add a new language pack to your system after installing this update, you will need to reinstall the update. It is therefore recommended to install the language pack before installing the update. Later, the IT House will bring you a summary of the specific updates.

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