WIN7 installation CAD2006


can be installed, there are two methods, I also find Ctrl+V from the Internet to show you

1, first enable the administrator account
(1) Click Start.
(2) In the search box, type lusrmgr.msc and press Enter.
(3) In the left pane, click User Folders.
(4) In the middle pane, right-click Administrators, and then click Properties.
(5) Enable Buit's System Administrator Account -
Cancel Account Deactivated checkbox.
(6) Click OK.
(7) Close the local users and groups window.
(8) Switch users to the Administrator.

Windows 7 Home Basic Edition enables super administrator account with computer right-management mode does not work, because there is no "local user and group".

1. There is an Administrator identity in the default state but it cannot be displayed. You need to open the registry start -> run -> regedit, and you need to have administrator privileges to create a new registry key "SpecialAccounts" under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE]\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\WindowsNT\\CurrentVersion\\Winlogon\\, and then create a new subkey under it "UserList", then create a new DWORD (32-bit) value named "Administrator", change its value to "1";

2. Start, run cmd, enter net user administrator in the DOS window /active:yes(Note: There are two spaces before! Otherwise, the operation will prompt the wrong command; this step is to activate the administrator user); (To press the F8 and then enter the safe mode, the administrator can run successfully)

3. Restart the computer or switch users, this should be able to see the administrator user, log in as administrator!

2, find Bin\\\\\\\\acadFeui\\\\\\\\acad.msi in the installation CD of CAD2006, run the installation;
3, perfect operation~~
Install ACAD2006 method:
Turn off UAC, log in as the highest administrator administrator, first install
X:\\\\\\\\ACAD2006\\\\\\\\Bin\\\\\\\\acadFeui\\\\\\\\ Support\\\\\\\\CADManager\\\\\\\\CADManager.msi this file,
install X:\\\\\\\\ACAD2006\\\\\\\\Bin\\\\\\\\acadFeui\\\\\\\\acad.msi file, Never install STEUP.
After the installation is complete, it will be fine.
The method of logging in as the administrator user is to first open the control panel, then you can switch to the classic view first (so it is convenient to find),
open the management tool, then open the computer management, find the local in the computer management Users and groups, double-click the user,
you can see the administrator user, click administrator, right click, click Properties,
remove the hook before the account is disabled, and then restart the computer. You can log in as a dministrator user

If you can't try this method again: there is no problem installing CAD2006! ! ! However, it is best not to run the installation with setup. Open the installation file with an acad executable file. This skips the installation of the frame work... Do not allow the compatibility to be set to the vista mode after installation. Do not use other compatibility modes, and then run the registration.

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