Dual system sharing Vista one-click restore automatic backup


Most users use Vista+XP dual system, but Vista one-click restore automatic restore/backup function can only be used in Vista. If you want to backup XP, you still have to choose "Run GHOST 11" and then perform manual operation. Let us manually modify Ghost one-click restore and support automatic backup/restore of Vista and XP. Of course, the premise is that your Vista one-click restore can be used to backup/restore Vista.

Folder Options/Overwrite File /record partition number is not difficult. Just to say more in detail,

The whole operation should pay attention to the two files bxp.bat and rxp.bat.

1. In Vista, set the file first. Clip and search options ” The following three red line position settings are the same.

2, the VT attachment file is copied to the root folder where Vista partition overwriting the original file, the annex Vghost.img to copy a key to restore Vista installation folder (Vghost) a folder GRUB Cover the original file

PS: Both files must have an overlay prompt during the copy process. Otherwise, the location is incorrect. Delete the copied file and then paste it in the correct location.

3, run Vista one-click restore "basic settings" write down the partition number of your XP partition (ie 1:x format), as shown below, my XP drive letter is G in Vista, ie the partition number in FIG. 1: 2

4, opens a key to restore Vista installation folder (Vghost), right-click b.bat "edit" Save as "bxp.bat" off, then right-click bxp .bat "edit (next line is my example)

the following is the code snippet: ghost -clone, mode = pdump, src = 1: 1, dst = 1: 5 \\ vbackup \\Vista.gho -z2 -auto -fro -sure -fx -rb

src=1:1 means backing up my Vista (see the figure in 4), 1:1 to 1: 2 becomes a backup XP (see 4), dst=1:5\\vbackup\\Vista.gho refers to the file storage partition\\location and file name, it is recommended to put the same location here, the file name Vista.gho is changed to xp.gho on it, you can not -RB, -Z2 -z5 appropriate to increase the compression ratio, after the sentence is:

the following is the code snippet: ghost -clone, mode = pdump ,src=1:2,dst=1:5\\vbackup\\xp.gho -z5 -auto -fro -sure -fx

Last Save

5, right-click r.bat "Edit" Save As "rxp.bat" close "then right-click rxp.bat" Edit (next line is my example)

Here is the code snippet: ghost -clone,mode=pload,src=1:5\\vbackup\\Vista.gho:1,dst=1:1 -fro -sure -fx -rb

Now as for the change Vista.gho xp.gho, dst = 1: 1 1: 1 to 1: 2, -fx not, sentence read:

the following is the code Fragment: ghost -clone,mode=pload,src=1:5\\vbackup\\xp.gho:1,dst=1:2 -fro -sure -rb

Last Save

You're done, now choose VistaGhost--A for automatic backup and recovery of Vista, XPPhost for XP automatic backup and recovery.

As for the last time you want to restore the folder options and restore the system properties for vt, according to your own needs, restore vt system properties: Start "Programs" attachments command prompt "Run as administrator" attrib +h +sc:\\vt (take C as the example of your Vista drive letter, if your Vista is installed in D then c:\\vt is changed to d:\\vt)

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