Teach you Vista, Win7 shutdown shortcuts and restart fast


This question is really asked in the soft media forum. The shutdown keys of the early operating system such as XP are "Win key U U", but in the era of Windows7 and Vista, many friends can't find this.

Well, today's Win7 home tells you the following two methods:

First, the system directly supports the shortcut keys

1, Win7 shutdown shortcuts, Vista restart Shortcut:

* Press the Win key to release

* Press the right arrow on the keyboard →

* Press the Enter key

Get a total of three steps.

In this soft media special reminder, pay attention to the default behavior of the shutdown button in your start menu, many friends use Vista optimization master, Windows7 optimization master or Rubik's cube changed to default to sleep and so on. This can be done with the ↑ key.

2, Win7 restart shortcuts, Vista restart shortcuts

* Press the Win key to release

* Press the → key twice

* Press the ↑ key

* Press the Enter key

Of course, you can use another method ——


1. Right click on the blank area of ​​your Win7 or Vista desktop, and create a new shortcut in the menu:

2. Enter “shutdown -s”, Then just take a name such as a quick shutdown.

3, after building this shortcut on the desktop, you can set the property, assign him a shortcut, such as F11.

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