Vista can not find the Config folder solution


The so-called security of the Vista system, so that you can not find the Config directory, can not save the modified settings or update the server list and other plug-ins! How to do it?

Please click on the following steps to find the Config directory:

1. Open emule-options-extension settings

2. After opening, put Pull down the slider and find "Share emule with other users of this machine"

3. Change to "Save configuration and download in the program directory"

4. Press OK to close emule. Finally, restart the computer once

5. Open the emule installation folder (if you are not sure, you can right click on the emule icon, there is a "property", there will be a "find target" after opening, double click it You can open the emule installation folder automatically.)

6. Find the config directory, and then copy the secure server list, IPfilter, IP database, anti-sucking plugin/related Mod version of the settings file and other related plugins!

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