Tips for setting up shared folders in batches in Windows XP

Sometimes we may encounter situations where we need to share multiple folders on the local hard disk to other users on the LAN. Under normal circumstances, we can only select a folder, right click, select "Share and Security", then check "Share this folder on the network" and confirm. However, this is too cumbersome for multiple folders. In fact, Windows XP already comes with a small program called "shrpubw.exe", which is much easier to set up. The specific use is as follows: Enter the "shrpubw" command in "Start → Run", in the "Create Shared Folder" window that opens, click "Browse" to locate the first folder to be shared, in the "Share Name" and Enter the appropriate typeface in "Sharing Description". Next click the "Next" button, here set the permissions, the default setting is "All users have full control", you can choose other permission settings, generally we keep the default directly click "Finish" (as shown) . At this time, the wizard will prompt "The folder has been successfully shared for the following users. Do you want to create another shared folder?" At this time, we select "Yes" to continue the previous wizard.
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