Win xp command total collection

Here are all Windows XP command collections. If you are installing Windows XP, you can check it out here. It is good to remember some commands. Maybe you will pass these commands someday. Accelerate your system to the highest level, so that others are envious, remember to look at it!
winver---------Check the Windows version
wmimgmt.msc----Open Windows Management Architecture (WMI)
wupdmgr--------Windows Updater
wscript--------Windows Script Host Settings
write--------- -Wordboard
winmsd---------System Information
wiaacmgr-------Scanner and Camera Wizard
winchat--------XP comes with LAN Chat

mem.exe--------Show memory usage
Msconfig.exe---System Configuration Utility
mplayer2-------Simple widnows media player
mspaint--------Painting board
mstsc----------Remote Desktop Connection
mplayer2-------Media Player
magnify- ------- Magnifier Utility
mmc------------ Open Console
mobsync--------Synchronize Command

dxdiag --------- Check DirectX information
drwtsn32------ System Doctor
devmgmt.msc--- Device Manager
dfrg.msc-------Disk Defragmenter
diskmgmt.msc ---Disk Management Utility
dcomcnfg-------Open System Component Service
ddeshare-------Open DDE Share Settings
dvdplay--------DVD Player

net stop messenger-----stop messenger service
net start messenger----start messenger service
notepad--------open notepad
Nslookup-------Network Management Tool Wizard
ntbackup-------System Backup and Restore
narrator-------Screen "narrator"
ntmsmgr.msc ----Mobile Storage Manager
ntmsoprq.msc---Mobile Storage Administrator Operation Request
netstat -an----(TC) Command Check Interface

syncapp---- ----Create a briefcase
sysedit--------System Configuration Editor
sigverif-------File Signature Verification Program
sndrec32------- Recorder
shrpubw--------Create shared folder
secpol.msc-----Local security policy
syskey---------System encryption, once encrypted Can't unlock, protect Windows Double password for xp system
services.msc---local service setting
Sndvol32-------volume control program
sfc.exe--------system file checker< BR>sfc /scannow---Windows file protection

tsshutdn-------60 seconds countdown shutdown command
tourstart------xp introduction (roaming xp appear after installation is complete Program)
taskmgr--------Task Manager

eventvwr-------Event Viewer
eudcedit-------Word Program
explorer-------Open Resource Manager

packager-------Object Wrapper
perfmon.msc----Computer Performance Monitoring Program
Progman--------Program Manager

rsop.msc-------Group Policy Result Set
regedt32-- -----Registry Editor
rononce -p ----15 seconds shutdown
regsvr32 /u *.dll----stop dll file running
regsvr32 /u zipfldr.dll-- ----Cancel ZIP support

cmd.exe--------CMD command prompt
chkdsk.exe-----Chkdsk disk check
certmgr.msc-- --Certificate Management Utility
calc-----------Start Calculator
charmap--------Start Word Map Mapping Table
cliconfg-------SQL Server Client Network Utility
Clipbrd--------Clipboard Viewer
conf--------- --Start netmeeting
compmgmt.msc---Computer Management
ciadv.msc------Index Service Program

osk ------------Open the on-screen keyboard
odbcad32-------ODBC Data Source Manager
oobe/msoobe /a----Check if XP is activated
Lusrmgr.msc----Local users and groups
logoff---------Logout command

IExpress------- Trojan bundle tool, the system comes with

Nslookup-------IP address detector

fsmgmt.msc-----Shared folder manager

utilman------- - Accessory Manager

gpedit.msc-----Group Policy
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