Win10 system desktop quick open method Boot directly into win10 desktop

win10 system released official version yesterday, many people do not know how to boot automatically into the win10 system desktop, the following small series for everyone to bring win10 desktop quick start method.

win10 system desktop quick open method boot directly into win10 desktop

Microsoft Win3 technology preview system startup defaults to enter the traditional desktop with a new start menu, for traditional PC users of keyboard and mouse operation More convenient. For those who are more accustomed to using the "Start Screen", we can also set the Windows 10 Technology Preview to go directly to the start screen full of tiles.
steps are as follows:
right click and select & ldquo in the traditional win10 Desktop taskbar; property & rdquo ;;

switch to the & ldquo; Start Menu & rdquo; tag;
uncheck & ldquo; use & lsquo; start & rsquo; menu instead of & lsquo; start & rsquo; screen & rdquo ;;

log off the system, log in again.
Now, launching Windows 10 Technology Preview will enter the start screen.

current Microsoft Windows 10 technical preview has not been optimized for the touch interface, other interactive live tile (interactive live-tiles) and Notification Center (Notification Center) features will be updated in the future system Provided in.

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