Win8.1 connection wifi limited how to do Win8.1 wireless network limited solution

There are often some Win8.1 notebook users will encounter connection limited wifi, resulting in the computer can not access the Internet. The following Pepsi network Xiaobian has compiled several common Win8.1 wireless network limited solutions for everyone. At present, many netizens have solved the problem through this method, and hope to help friends who have similar computer problems. .
Win8.1 connection wifi limited how to do Win8.1 wireless network limited solution There are several reasons for Win8.1 connection wifi limited, such as improper wireless network settings, driver version is too low, Wifi network itself There are problems and so on. Let's take a look at each of them below. You can check them one by one according to the following situations.
First, make sure that the Wifi wireless network is available
Sometimes, because the Wifi wireless network itself is faulty, even if it can be connected, it cannot access the Internet. For this situation it may also happen that Win8.1 connection wifi is limited and cannot be networked. If you can't connect to the Wifi wireless network, you can try using the smartphone/tablet/laptop connection to see if you can access the Internet. If the connection is also limited, it means the wireless network itself, with Win8. .1 system independent. If other wireless devices can connect to Wifi normally, it is a Win8.1 computer problem, then continue to look down.
Second, check whether the wireless network is checked, "Enable federal information processing standards for this network",
1. Open the right button on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the Win8.1 desktop, and then select Open “Network Connections&rdquo ;, as shown below:
2, open the network connection, then in the wireless network name, right click, and then click "status", as shown below:
3, enter the wireless network status settings Then, click <;Wireless Network Properties", turn on the wireless network properties, and switch to the top "Security Options", then click on the "Advanced Settings" at the bottom, as shown in the following figure:
4. Finally, in the advanced settings, check the "Federal information processing standard for this network", after completion, click OK at the bottom to save, as shown below:
Win8.1 system default There is no checkmark on the "Federal Information Processing Standard for this network". This item, some Win8.1 connection wifi restricted users successfully solve the Wifi wireless limitation by checking this setting. Network instability.
Third, update the network card driver
If the above two methods still do not solve the problem, then it is recommended that you update the wireless network card driver, update the network card driver is not difficult, you can use Lu master, driver wizard and other software, a button Check for updated NIC drivers.
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