Driver compatibility issues under Win 2000/XP


We know that Microsoft's Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems contain a large number of hardware drivers. Combined with its plug-and-play technology, it automatically recognizes the new hardware and loads the drivers needed for the hardware, greatly facilitating the installation and use of the system. However, at some point, this feature may also bring us unexpected troubles. A few days ago, the author has had several such experiences.

Symptom: A compatible machine, the motherboard integrates AC97 sound card, it is normal for multimedia playback under Windows 98 system. Recently, I reinstalled the Windows 2000 Server system. After the installation is complete, I restarted the machine. When I entered the system after logging in, I felt that the Windows startup sound seemed strange.

Running "Super Solution" to play VCD, the picture is just like playing forward quickly when watching a video tape, and the sound becomes extremely fast and sharp. At first thought it was a player problem, re-installed "Super Jieba", the problem is still the same, the same is true for other players. So suspect that the sound card driver is not installed, open the device manager to view, did not find any abnormalities; expand the "sound, video and game controllers under the device manager", only see the first item as "ld" Intel(R) 82801BA/BAM AC97 Audio Controller-2445”, seems to be no problem. The cause of the failure: carefully recall the system installation process, remember that in this process I did not install the sound card driver, but Windows 2000 automatically recognizes the integrated sound card and installs its own driver. Is the problem here? Then find out the random CD, and follow the instructions on the motherboard manual to reinstall the sound card driver. Restart the system, then play VCD, everything is normal! At this time, expand the “Sound, Video, and Game Controllers” item under Device Manager and find that the first item becomes “Avance AC97 Audio for Intel(R) Audio Controller”. Due to the high hardware compatibility requirements of the Windows 2000 operating system, although the integrated sound card of the motherboard is recognized when installing the Windows 2000 system, and the driver carried by itself is automatically installed; however, the integrated sound card and the driver that comes with Windows 2000 are automatically installed. The program is not fully compatible, which causes the above symptoms. Similar problems I have encountered under the Windows XP operating system: After installing Windows XP Professional, the system also automatically installed the network card driver, but how can it not go online. Finally, reinstall the drivers provided with the NIC and the problem is solved.

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