Notebook Vista power saving program


Vista brings unprecedented visual enjoyment to users, but beauty comes at a price, and it is by far the most power-hungry operating system. Notebooks are the preferred model for business and mobile work, but they are usually powered by batteries, and limited power becomes a weakness. So, when the notebook meets Vista, how can we get the longest battery life? Let's dig deeper together and use the computer green to make the notebook Vista more energy efficient.

Information: Vista's power consumption is one of the side effects of its gorgeous appearance. Someone once did a test on a Dell notebook with Vista Ultimate. It turned out that the Aero effect was turned on and the sidebar was turned on. After more than an hour, the power dropped to about 85%, and the two effects were turned off. It is about 90%. The longer the time, the greater the gap. Turn off the Aero and sidebars to save up to 70% of the electricity.

First, careful calculation, for the battery life.

1. Selecting a plan is the first step to successful energy saving

Clicking on the power icon in the system tray will bring up the floating window shown in Figure 1. Three types are provided here. Different power plans. The default setting is "balanced", when the computer is idle for a long time, it will automatically switch to power saving mode, which is a smart power saving solution. If you choose “High Performance”, the system will show the highest performance, the fastest speed, and of course the power consumption is also the biggest; obviously, in order to maximize the battery power, you should choose “Energy Saver” The plan can minimize power consumption, but this plan will reduce the performance of the system to a certain extent, after all, it is difficult to get the best of both worlds. (Figure 1)

Figure 12. Don't pay for beauty

After enjoying the beautiful Windows Aero theme, we are This beauty pays more than just the possession of memory. It also affects the battery life. If you don't want to return to the traditional Windows classic theme, you can stop the transparency of Aero. Note that this is not to turn off Aero. Right click on the desktop to open the personalized window, select "Windows color and appearance", in the open settings window, uncheck the "Enable transparent glass" item, and then return. Although this removes the transparency effect, Aero's gorgeousness is still there, and greatly saves the burden of the graphics card, and finally achieves the purpose of saving electricity. (Figure 2)

Figure 2

3. Turn off the power consumption equipment of the big eaters

Universal serial bus (USB) devices, such as USB-based removable storage devices (flash drives or removable hard drives), USB-connected mice, are powered when they are connected to a computer and consume power. In fact, for the notebook, you can use the touchpad or pointing stick to replace the mouse, or you can use the tablet pen to save power. For USB flash drives, you can turn them off or unplug when not in use. Vista is very smart in this regard, open the "USB Root Hub Properties" dialog box from the Device Manager, switch to the "Power Management" tab, you can see that the device has been automatically checked, "Allow the computer to shut down this device." Save power & rdquo; check box, if this option is not selected, it is best to manually check.

Second, based on the needs, custom power solutions

Users do not always use a notebook for a single job, green computers should be designed according to the actual power scheme. For example, leisure is the time, notebooks often become everyone's music player. At this time, the display is on, but it has no use and wastes the energy of the battery. Of course, the user can turn off the display, but such operation will shorten the life of the display. In fact, this can be done in Vista:

Step 1: Right click on the desktop and select “Attributes” in In the properties dialog that opens, click the “Screen Saver” tab and click the “Power” button. In the pop-up dialog box, click the “Close Display” drop-down arrow to select the shortest time “One minute later” & rdquo;. Then click the “Save As” button to give your new model a name, such as “Listen to the song mode”, click “OK” to return to the Properties dialog box. (Figure 3)

Figure 3

Step 2: Click on the “Advanced” tab, check “Always Display the icon & rdquo; in the taskbar, click “OK”. At this time, you will find one more power icon in the system tray, click on it to select the mode. When you select the “listen to the song mode” that you just set, if there is no operation after 1 minute, the computer will turn off the display, instead of manually forcing it to close. (Figure 4)

Figure 4

Extension: You can use the above method to design several power solutions according to your needs, so that you can quickly Select, flexible to switch directly in various modes, saving power.

Three, simple settings, power saving and eye-catching

The display generally has a brightness adjustment function, which can save a lot of power by turning down the brightness. In addition, we usually use the most software, such as Office, Notepad and other office software, their pure white background is not only dazzling, but also very expensive, we may wish to change it to gray.

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