Win Vista 5342 Glass Translucent Effect Diagram


We know that Microsoft designed the excellent Glass translucent effect for Windows Vista. This GUI effect requires graphics card hardware support DirectX 9. Microsoft has turned on Glass by default in Windows Vista. Effect (as long as the DX9 graphics card is installed with the correct WDDM driver).

But in the latest release of Windows Vista 5342, Microsoft did not know why, for the sake of default, the Glass effect was turned off by default. Therefore, we need to manually open the Glass effect. After installing the driver of the DX9 graphics card, the way to open the Windows Vista 5342 Glass effect is as follows:

1/Press the WinKey+R key to start the running command line

2/In the Run dialog box, type "WinSAT Aurora", click OK

3/Wait for WinSAT to finish running, dynamic Windows Vista screen appears

4/Ctrl-> -Alt-Del, log out, then log in, get it.

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