Vista startup time setting problem resolution


In order to protect the system from the max6.0 one-button backup and restore system, the startup wait time is set to 2 seconds, but the boot menu is still 30 seconds. How to amend it? If you have multiple operating systems installed on your computer, Vista can choose which operating system to boot when you turn on your computer. The case where multiple operating systems are installed on a computer is called "multiple boot configuration". Here's how: Click Open “Control Panel”->“System" (If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password or provide confirmation)->“Advanced System Settings&rdquo ;->“Advanced<;tab->“Startup and Recovery”->“Settings>->“System Startup> In , click the operating system you want to use when you turn on or restart your computer.

To be able to choose which operating system to use when you turn on your computer, select the “display operating system list time” checkbox, and then click the desired autostart default The number of seconds before the operating system displays the list of available operating systems. At this point, the default time of 30 seconds is changed to 2 seconds. Now restart your computer and you will be able to enter Vista in just 2 seconds.

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