Modify the file in the DLL to achieve VISTA system beautification


Locate the location of the resource you are interested in, manually modify it. Files that do not have permission to modify can be added with the one-click administrator function of the right-click menu of Vista Optimizer. The single file icon can be directly changed by right-clicking the icon to the system file. The batch modification can be done with ResourceHacker, Vista landscaping master, super rabbit, etc. Replace, such as the theme *, such as login screen, system icons, folder icons, and so on. 1, the system icon: %windir% \\ System32 \\ imageres.dll, WindowsVista system icon here, saved in the Icons resource area, and is not 256 large icons that XP does not have; 2, Vista login screen: %windir% \\ System32 \\imageres.dll or this file, saved in the Image resource area. 3, LOGO animation before boot: %windir%\\System32\\authui.dll, when booting, you will see such a logo, and hear a voice, this logo is saved here. 4, before the boot with 3 sound files: %windir% \\ System32 \\ imageres.dll 5, the start menu in the shutdown, locked button picture: %windir% \\Explorer.exe -> Bitmap->7051-7056 6, Windows version of the Windows version of the dialog box: %windir%\\Branding\\Basebrd\\basebrd.dll 7, Windows version of the Vista login window Picture: %windir%\\Branding\\Basebrd\\basebrd.dll 8, the classic start button banner and The left sidebar of the classic menu image: %windir%\\Branding\\Shellbrd\\shellbrd.dll 9. The bottom background image of the left sidebar of the control panel (Aurora): %windir%\\System32\\Shell32.dll->Bitmap-> ;632 10, in the resource manager, "back, forward, search, stop, refresh" button picture: %windir%\\System32\\browseui.dll 11, IE7 browser inside "return, forward, search, stop , refresh, web page progress animation, Tab, Tab off & rdquo; button: %windir%\\System32\\ieframe.dll 12. Welcome to the center's image resource: %windir%\\System32\\oobefldr.dll 13. Open Animated images ("no GUI startup" mode, you can run msconfig settings): %windir%\\System32\\en-US\\Winload.exe.mui 14, Windows Media Player images and icons, etc. Resources: %windir%\\System32\\wmploc The .dll above is the location of the resource file such as the Vista system icon. %windir% is the system variable, which refers to the folder where your WindowsVista is located. Remember to back up before modifying.

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