Vista full hard disk installation method


Pre-prepared: install a computer with xp system, vista install iso.

Note: (1). Windows Vista requires installation on NTFS partition, but other partitions can be FAT32 format!

(2) Simple lossless NTFS conversion mode: Run cmd to enter command line mode, Run convert x: /fs:ntfs (x is the need to convert the partition letter), during which you may need to restart your computer. Note: This command can convert the FAT partition to NTFS partition without loss. This process is irreversible! If there is no useful data in the partition, it can be achieved by directly formatting it as NTFS partition under XP!


(3) It is recommended to install the system partition at least 15GB. (I have 6GB after the VISTA is installed.)

I want to save the hard disk without the data. Re-partitioning, using PartitionMagic Portable software.

First, Windows Vista system installation preparation

1, vista.iso with a virtual CD-ROM drive, and then copied to the hard disk, my f: \\ vista. (The virtual drive used is DAEMON Tools V4.0.8 X64 and X86 [1120] Simplified Chinese version)

2, put the bootmgr and boot directory under the f:\\VISTA directory (in fact, as long as the inside boot.sdi and Bcd file) Copy to the root directory of the c drive, and create a sources folder in the root directory of the C drive.

3, copy the under f:\\vista\\sources to the sourse folder under the C drive.

4, run cmd-c:\\boot\\bootsect.exe /nt60 c: (Note, here bootsect in the c:\\boot directory)

Second, Windows Vista installation

5. Restart the computer, start the installer, load boot.wim, and start the PE environment. This process may take a long time, please wait ……

6. The installer starts, select the language type you want to install, and choose the time and currency display type and keyboard and input method that suits you.

7, appears "start the installation interface", (note, do not click & ldquo; now install & rdquo;) point to the lower left corner "repair computer" (repair my computer).

Vista installation

8, enter & ldquo; & rdquo ;, the System Recovery Options select the last item & ldquo; a command prompt & rdquo; (command prompt), enter the DOS window.

recovery system selected from
9, formatting command format c: /q (Note: If the C drive is FAT32 format, would like to switch NTFS format, perform format c: /fs: ntfs).

10, install the system, execute f:\\vista\\sources\\setup.exe, the bottom is the normal installation.

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