How to install Windows Vista operating system in VMware


VMware is the most widely used virtualization software. Let's talk about how to install Windows Vista operating system in VMware.

Enter VMVare, first we create a new virtual machine:

The following picture, click Next:

Configure the virtual machine, It is recommended to be typical, familiar users can customize:

Select Vista operating system, the next step, as shown in the figure:

Name the virtual machine And then select the path to install:

Select network type:

Disk capacity is recommended above 16G:

“Complete & rdquo; After we started to install VISTA:

Select CD-ROM, select ISO path, click “OK”:

Next we can see that the CD-ROM is using the image X:\\XXX.iso, which means the assignment is successful!

We started installing VISTA-&ldquo Start the virtual machine >:

OK~ Then start installing VISTA.

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