Vista operating system configuration method


Vista Chinese display is determined by me

We have been testing Windows Vista Beta1 for some time, and many friends have already tried Microsoft's new system. Because it is a beta version, the current version of Windows Vista is only available in English. When we use some Chinese software (such as QQ), it will be displayed as garbled.

In Windows 2000/XP/2003, the English version of Windows can also display Chinese and Chinese software correctly after setting, but there are more settings (such as installing East Asian language support, etc.). Relatively speaking, by default, the English version of Windows Vista can correctly display the Chinese file name, and all Chinese Unicode programs can be displayed normally. Therefore, we only need to set Windows as a non-Unicode program to use the Simplified Chinese program.

Let the system support Chinese perfectly

To do this: 1. Open the Control Panel and click on the “Change the system language” link to open the “Regional and Language Options” (Regional and Language Options) & rdquo; dialog box, select the "Administrative" tab, you can see the interface shown in Figure 1. Select “Chinese(PRC)” in the "Select a language for non-Unicode programs" drop-down menu, and then click the “Apply” button to apply the settings, you need to restart Click “No” on the system dialog, and restart yourself later.

Figure 1

2. Basically all Chinese programs can be displayed normally, but you may not feel enough because the system time and related information are all Displayed in the format that Americans are used to. This can also be modified by yourself. Open the “Formats tab of the "Regional and Language Options" dialog box and select “Chinese(PRC)” in the "Current Formats  drop down menu, such numbers, dates The display of information will become a common format in China.

3. After the Chinese display is solved, how to input Chinese? This still requires us to open “Keyboards and Languages ​​in the “Regional and Language Options” dialog box. ” tab, and click <;Settings" to open the "Text Services and Input Languages" dialog box shown in Figure 2. In the “Installed Services” list, all the installed keyboard schemes and input methods are displayed. If there is no Chinese input method and Chinese keyboard scheme you need, just click “Add“ ; button, in the "Add Input Language" that appears in the "Add Input Language" list, find the "Chinese (PRC)" project and expand it. This shows all the keyboard solutions and input methods that come with Windows Vista for Simplified Chinese. For example, “Chinese (Simplified)-US Keyboard” is our commonly used “Simplified Chinese-American keyboard”, and “Microsoft Pinyin IME” is the Microsoft Pinyin input method.

FIG. 2

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