Microsoft released Windows Installer 4.5


Microsoft recently released Windows Installer 4.5, the new Installer provides new features for software products, such as using the command line to install products, increasing user customization.

Microsoft Windows Installer, one of the components of Win2K/WinXP/WinVista, is a tool designed to manage and configure software services. Under Win95, Win98, WinMe and WinNT4.0, as an additional product offering, allows users to effectively install and configure software products and applications.

Windows Installer software installation technology includes a Windows Installer server for 32-bit Windows operating systems and a new package file format for storing configuration and installation information. It is more than just an installer or an extensible software management system. Installation of Windows Installer management software, management software component addition and removal, monitoring file recovery, and maintaining basic disaster recovery by using rollback.

Download Windows Installer 4.5:

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