The three most common Windows Vista activation methods in foreign countries


Although Microsoft has done a lot of work on the activation of vista products to prevent users from cracking, in this respect, it is a bit high and a high. Those hackers who are keen on cracking will not give up.

The preferred method is of course to crack the activation process of Windows Vista. In fact, Vista has been easily cracked. We do not support piracy activities, so this article is only discussed from a technical perspective.

1. By spoofing the motherboard information to deceive the activation 2. The analog key management server 3. The key process of cracking the verification with the activation tool

The above three methods can activate Windows Vista, but talk about To security, of course, still use a genuine operating system.


Three most popular Windows Vista activation cracks

Microsoft worked hard to make sure Windows Vista was pirate proof as possible, but as our investigation shows, those wily Pirates don’t give up easily.

Hacking the Windows Vista activation proCESs is the preferred method of cracking Microsoft’s latest operating system. In fact, various tricks and workarounds have been suggested to activate non-legitimate copies of Vista.

Obviously, we don’t support piracy, and for informational purposes only, here’s an overview of how pirates are cracking Windows Vista activation.

1.By Paradox

A group of software engineers known as Paradox found a method of bypassing activation in Windows Vista. The group provided tools and information on how to trick a Vista installation (x86) into acting as if it is installed on an OEM machine.< Br>

The Windows Vista activation crack by Paradox took advantage of how Vista validates on OE M machines.

OEMs like ASUS, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Lenovo and Acer ship their machines with pre-installed version of Vista that doesn’t require product activation. These companies embed certain license information into their machine, Which can be validated by a Widows Vista installation, removing the need for further activation procedures.

The installation of Vista activation crack requires hardware-embedded BIOS ACPI_SLIC information signed by Microsoft together with a matching product key and OEM certification. The combination will render installed Vista indistinguishable for legitimate copy of pre-activated Vista shipped by the respective OEM.

Vista activated using this crack can download Vista patches and updates.

2.By Key Management Server

Another group of hackers used a VMWare image and a VBS script to simulate a local Key Management Server (KMS) which can generate valid Vista product keys.

However, the downside of KMS is That the activat I am is only good for 180 days. This is made to discourage people from bringing in their personal machines to activate them.

3.By KeyGen tool

An unknown hacker claimed he had created a KeyGen Tool to crack Windows Vista’s activation process by generating a valid Windows Vista activation key.

Although a few claimed that they’d found a valid activation key using the tool, many who tried KeyGen gave up in frustration.

Few days after KeyGen was released, the hacker confessed he never gotten it to work. But despite his confession, some still believed that his tool will work with slight modifications.

The above techniques apparently can crack the activation process of Windows Vista.

However, when it comes to security and protection, then nothing beats a legitimate copy of Vista.

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