Windows Vista system installation must read


No.1 How to deal with the downloaded Windows Vista installation files

Currently downloaded files are generally divided into two cases:

a. Downloaded to ISO file (Generally, the official download file provided by Microsoft is of this type), the method is to use Daemon Tool or Alcohol 120% virtual optical drive to load and then install! In addition, remember, WinRAR can not extract ISO file! Otherwise it may cause installation failure!!! Of course, you can also directly engrave the disk, and then boot from the CD!

b. Download the RAR volume compression file (generally downloaded from WinBeta is this type of file), in this case, First use WinRAR decompression, you can get the ISO file!

No.2 Precautions before installation

1.Windows Vista requires installation on NTFS partition, but other partitions can be FAT32 format! Br>

2. Simple NTFS conversion mode: Run cmd to enter the command line mode, run convert x: /fs:ntfs (x is the need to convert the partition letter), during which you may need to restart the computer. Note: This command can convert the FAT partition to NTFS partition without loss. This process is irreversible! If there is no useful data in the partition, it can be achieved by formatting it as NTFS partition under XP!

3.If Windows Vista is installed in a partition where Windows is already installed. The original Windows will be saved in a Windows.old directory. Dual system booting cannot be performed normally!

Appendix - Vista Installation Detailed Process

No.3 Some errors occurred during the Windows Vista installation process

1.Setup was unable to locate a locally attached hard drive suitable for holding temporary Setup files.> : In the current version of Vista, it is generally required that the target installation partition has more than 8G space! At the same time, there is still 2G leftover space in other partitions as a temporary folder for the installation files! The reason for this error is that the temporary cannot be created. File directory!

2.Setup can be run on this version of the Operating System. To install Windows please try booting from The install media.” Tip! Solution: Run the installer under Windows XP x64, or engrave the disk and start the installation from the CD!

3.When installing, “Windows Setup cannot determine if this computer Supports this version of Windows. & rdquo; Tips! Solution: This problem may be related to a certain service of Windows XP system, please restore Windows XP silent service (recovery methods are varied, not provided here separately) and then restart once Can be installed normally.

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