Analyze UAP functions in Windows Vista


We have tried Vista for a while, I think one of the features: UAC (User Account Control, formerly called UAP-User Account Protection), maybe you don't like it? why? Because under the default administrator account, running the program or installing the software always has a prompt window pop up, one word: annoying!

It is true that users who are used to the previous version of Windows are really annoying, because in the past everyone used the account that has absolute control over the machine, and the operation is natural. However, we are convenient for ourselves, for the enemy —— malware and viruses are just as good for us as the machine can do!

In fact, the administrator account we used after Vista installation is just "protected admin" and —— protected administrator mode, which is an important pillar of Vista!

If you don't have this technology, users will lose most of Vista's security features, and protected mode IE will also be lost. Many administrators don't like the management of protected mode, but it protects us.

A lot of beautiful Vista can be customized.

Application installation

The easiest way to get out of the installation is to There are several ways to raise the command line to the full management token:

1)Go to Start

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