How to make Windows Vista and Dos dual system


The arrival of Windows Vista, system players are still hoping to play dual system? You know that even in Vista environment we can install the most original MS-DOS.

In Vista, Microsoft introduced a new boot loader architecture, Windows boot manager (bootmgr.exe). Vista's boot/boot process is fast and secure.

Windows XP doubles boot settings via boot.ini, and Windows Vista manages boot settings with new boot configuration data (BCD: boot setup data) and boot option editing tool BCDEdit (BCDEdit.exe). Therefore, in the Windows Vista environment, you cannot manage the change startup options by simply modifying the boot.ini.

You can follow the steps below to create a dual system for Vista and DOS.

1, PQ partition Before the system is installed, use the partition tool such as PQMagic or Partition Manager to establish the DOS system partition under FAT32 and the Vista system partition under NTFS.

2, Windows Vista system installation, CD installation is not introduced here. Remember to set the installation partition to the active property in the disk management after installation.

3, DOS installation, boot into DOS with bootable CD, confirm the DOS partition drive letter C:

Execute FORMAT C: /S/Q installs the dos environment.

4, set DOS partition activity, use gdisk to activate dos partition

5, enter the DOS environment, put our secret weapon into C:TOOLGRUB.EXE


Example Config.sys



Menuitem=Vista,Vista-enterprise< Br>





Device=c:driverd910v320.sys /d:cdrom /p/e:1024


Install=c:toolsgrub. Exe—config-file=”root(hd0,0);chainloader +1”


(hd0,0) refers to the first partition of the first hard disk. Here is the Vista partition

Chainloader +1 is to hand the boot process to the first sector of the partition you specify, that is, the location of the bootloader we start with dos, then mount with grub.exe , start the operating system corresponding to the hard disk partition.

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