Protecting privacy Clear traces after using software

        During the use of Windows systems and some application software, files that have been manipulated or used or modified by many programs are saved as history and displayed in the history list. Under normal circumstances, there is nothing wrong with it, but if you are using a computer or a public place such as an Internet cafe, leaving these historical records may reveal your privacy. To prevent privacy breaches, you must clear these historical records. Below I will introduce some methods to clear the history records for your reference.

Clearing the unused icon records in the tray area

After the "Hide Inactive Icons" function in Windows XP, there is a history of hard-to-clear system tray icons. Record, when you right click on the "clock" on the system tray, and select the "custom notification" command in the shortcut menu, you can see the "current project" and "past project" in the pop-up window. In the "Past Projects", you will find that some of the program icons that have been run in the system tray have been recorded here. Even if it was originally installed, the program icon that has been deleted is always recorded. To clear them, open the Registry Editor, find the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer\\TrayNotify] branch, and delete the two DWord keys of "IconStreams" and "PasticonsStream".

Clear the website history after browsing the web

Open the registry editor, find the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\InternetExplorer\\TypedURLs] branch, and divide the content in the right pane by default. "An item is cleared Word

Click "Options (O)" under the menu bar "Tools (T)", click on the "Options" page that appears. The "General" tab will cancel the selected state of the "List recently used files (R)" item by default when the software is installed.

Can be deleted.

Clear Excel history

For the history of Excel files, you can also use the same method to clear. Click "Options (O)" under the menu bar "Tools (T)", click on the "General" tab on the "Options" page that appears, and then "List the most recently used files (R)" Cancel the selected state.

Clear WordPad History

Open the Registry Editor and find [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Applets\\Word
pad\\Recent File List] Branch, delete the contents of the right pane except the "default" item.

Clear the MSNMessenger login record

After logging in with MSN Messenger, the account will be used by the system. record it. As soon as you open the MSN Messenger program, the account will appear in the drop-down list as an alternate login account. To clear it, open the Registry Editor, find [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\MSNMessenger], and find the value of the UserNET Messenger and Service keys for which you want to delete the record username. Of course, if you have system administrator privileges, you can select "User Account" under "Control Panel", then select your account, click on the "Manage my network password" item on the left, the login will no longer be needed. The E-mail address of the username can be deleted.

Clear Windows Media Player playlist history

Open the registry editor, find the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\MediaPlayer\\Player] branch, delete "Recent URLList", "Recent FileList" Just fine. If it is Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher, you can open the Windows Media Player 9.0 program and click the "Clear History (H)" button in the "History" at the bottom of the "Tools" "Options" "Privacy" page. If you do not need to display the history list under the file, cancel the selected state of the "Save file and URL history (S) in player" item.

Clear the Acdsee6.0 history

Click on the "Options (O)..." under the menu bar "Tools (T)", click on the left side of the "Options" page that appears. "Browser", check the "Exit Clear History (C)" item in the right frame.

Delete unnecessary friend records in QQ2004

Click the "Menu" button of QQ2004, then select "Friends Explorer" option in "Friends and Profiles", on the left side of the window Select "Blacklist", right click on the friend you want to delete, and execute "Delete Friends" to let him disappear in your QQ2004.

Delete unnecessary friend records in QQ2004

Click the "Menu" button of QQ2004, then select "Friends Explorer" option in "Friends and Profiles", on the left side of the window Select "Blacklist", right click on the friend you want to delete, and execute "Delete Friends" to let him disappear in your QQ2004.

Clearing the "waste box" in Foxmail

Foxmail provides a "waste box" similar to "recycle bin" when we clear the "waste box" in Foxmail When the mail is actually not deleted from the hard disk, it is only marked with a delete mark. Only the deleted mail will be deleted after the user performs the "compression" operation, which provides the recovery for the peeper to be deleted. The possibility of mail. Therefore, when using Foxmail on a public computer, when you remove unwanted mail from the "inbox", it is best to press the "Shift+Del" key combination to delete it directly without going to the "inbox". Compress the mailbox.

Clearing garbage in Temp

and other applications usually temporarily save our work results to prevent accidental damage, even if you don’t save it yourself For processed files, many programs also save text that has been deleted, moved, and copied by you. These "contents" are stored in the Windows\\Temp directory. Temporary files stored in the Windows\\Temp folder by various applications should be periodically deleted to remove the scattered text. You should also delete all the corresponding files in its subdirectories. Although many files have the extension TMP, they are actually complete DOC files, Html files, and even image files. Secret

clear the "Trash" in the "Recycle Bin" is temporarily stored at the deleted file, before the "Empty Recycle Bin", stored there (trash) file It is not really removed from the hard drive. Windows operating system, in addition to placing a gray "trash can" on the "desktop", a hidden attribute folder is created in the root directory of each hard disk (partition) - Recycled, this "Recycled" sub The directory (folder) is where the recycle bin is physically located. The snooper can recover (restore) the deleted files from the Recycle Bin and steal your work. So, every time you end the operation, remember to "empty the recycle bin" before leaving the computer.

Clear the secret in "Run"

Use "Run" in the "Start" menu to run the program or open the file, the program that was run in "Run" and the open file The path and name will be recorded and will be displayed in the drop-down list box for the next time you enter the "Run" item. These records need to be cleared. By modifying the registry key, you can achieve the purpose of clearing these "records". First, enter Regedit to enter the registry editor and find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer\\RunMRU. At this time, the right window will display "Run". The file name displayed in the drop-down list, use the mouse to select the program to be deleted, then select the "Delete" item in the "Edit" menu of the registry editing port, click "Confirm", and then restart the computer.
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