Enhance Vista and Windows 7 system security


Patching immediately after reinstalling the system

The first thing after reinstalling the system is to patch it. The probability of surfing the Internet without poisoning is not as bad as jumping into the pit.

Second, don't search for software (songs, movies)

Nowadays, many rogue download stations don't even provide any good software downloads, but they get better Baidu rankings through various means. When the user clicks on the download, it is actually downloading the Trojan! There are some normal download stations that sell the advertisement space to the Trojan. The advertisement looks like "Download button", it is very likely that I accidentally clicked on it.

The solution is to go to some websites with good reputation. For example, we have compiled the necessary software for Windows installation, all support win7, Vista system

3. Do not insert U disk with unknown origin. (MP3/camera card/mobile hard disk)

A poisoned USB flash drive may be poisoned as long as it is inserted into the computer without any operation. Because Windows has a metamorphosis function called autoplay, after the USB flash drive is inserted, Windows actively executes the virus on the USB flash drive.

The solution is to disable the automatic playback of the USB flash drive. Method: Vista Optimizer, WIndows 7 Optimizer, Rubik's Cube - System Optimization - Multimedia - Tick "Allow the automatic operation of USB devices"

Beware that Windows has another metamorphosis feature. If the USB flash drive is automatically playable, modify the default action of double-clicking to play automatically (even if there is no security issue, this product design is very stupid). That is to say, although the U disk does not run automatically, but you double-click the drive letter of the USB flash drive to open the USB flash drive, which actually triggers the virus in the USB flash drive.

When you know that the USB flash drive is toxic but you don't have anti-virus software but you have to use the files, right click on the drive letter of the USB flash drive and select “ Resource Manager” in the menu. The experiment proves that the operation file is not Will trigger a virus.

Four Don't be spoofed by file name to actively execute virus files

Windows has a setting that hides file extensions, and many viruses hide themselves through this setting. For example: a virus name is: & ldquo; Yan Zhaomen actually has her .jpg.exe & rdquo;, at the same time change the icon into a picture, to induce users to click.

The solution is to display the file extension: My Computer/Tools/Folder Options/View/Hide the extension of the known file type and undo this item. At the same time, friends who don't know the extension should learn the lesson: There is no free lunch and A film in the world. Please look at the beautiful yellow website. Don't think that there will be a good thing in the sky. Before running an unknown file, you must first check the virus and check its real extension.

5 Don't open the attachment of the email directly and the file from QQ

The attachments that QQ strangers give you will be deleted directly, nothing to be curious. Mail sent by acquaintances should be saved locally. If there is anti-virus software, check it out. No anti-virus software to view the extension, executable attachments (extension: exe /com /vbs /chm /htm /bat /doc, etc.) must be cautious; secure attachments (extension: txt /jpg /Gif) can be opened with confidence.

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