Windows 9's little-known treasure program

In the Windows operating system, there are hidden secrets we don't know. In this article, we will explain from five aspects: folder, program, startup, command and process. The hidden secret of the Windows operating system. In the last issue, we talked about the folder. In this issue, we talked about the program.

Arp.exe TCP/IP address resolution tool.

Asd.exe automatically skips the driver. Use this program to check the system for errors during startup and to provide a solution. In the event of a serious system failure, you can detect the cause of the failure and choose whether to skip the driver that it considers to be the "culprit."

Calc.exe calculator.

Cdplayer.exe Windows comes with a CD player.

Charmap.exe character mapping table. If you want to enter a symbol like "1" in "Notepad", you can use the character map to solve it easily.

Cleanmgr.exe disk cleaner. Use this program to help you quickly clean up junk files on your disk when you don't have enough disk space.

Clipbrd.exe clipboard viewer. If the content on the clipboard is too large, it will take up a lot of memory. Use this program to view and delete the contents of the clipboard. Clspack.exe Windows package software. Use this tool to compress files.

Control.exe calls the [Control Panel] program. Use [Control Panel] without parameters. If you use the command line followed by a control project file name (.cpl type, which can be found in the System directory), the specific control will be turned on. With the numeric code starting with a comma, you can directly enter a column of the specific control item (the numeric code of the control item column is 0).

Example: In the [Operation] command line input Control desk.cpl, 3, will bring [Display] Properties /] window. With it, even when it is the simplest batch program when writing your own program, you can easily open [Control Panel] to complete the adjustment of the system settings. This is much easier than the obscure RunDll32.exe.

Cvtaplog.exe Disk Defragmentation Assistant.

Defrag.exe defragmenter. Running the program can eliminate disk fragmentation in the selected partition.

Dialer.exe phone dialer. Run this program to open the Phone Dialer window.

Directcc.exe direct cable connection program. Direct cable connections make it easy and quick to use serial and parallel connections between two computers.

Drvspace.exe disk space management program. Run this program to compress and decompress the disk.

Drwatson.exe Dr. Watson, who can take snapshots of the system for diagnosis whenever a system error occurs, can intercept software errors and provide detailed explanations of the cause of the error, and also diagnose The problem raises operational recommendations. This is the system diagnostics program that comes with Win98. The original intention of designing this program is mainly to help Microsoft
technical staff to remotely maintain the system for you. After running it, the "doctor" icon appears in the lower right corner of the taskbar (that is, the headband with a stethoscope, the pretending "foreigner"), "sniping" it twice, and immediately jumps out of a busy window for your "love" Ji" checks the body. A report came out soon, this is your current system snapshot. It contains three types of software environment information: running tasks, drivers, and loaded 16-bit modules. It is actually a simplified version of the information provided by [System Information] (Msinfo32.exe). Its advantage is that it is convenient and fast, and can be saved as a log file (.wlg extension), which is conducive to the problems of the system before and after the comparison.


DXDIAG.EXE DirectX Diagnostic Tool Program.

Emm386.exe extended memory manager.

Explorer.exe Resource Manager. Running the program will launch the "Explorer".

Extrac32.exe CAB file package release program. With this file, you can release the files in the CAB package.

FontvIEw.exe font viewer. With this program, you can view the font files installed in the specified Windows. Keep up with the font file name (FON or TTF type) on the command line to view style examples for various fonts. The opening of all font files in the system is associated with it by default.

Freecell.exe Freecell game.

FTP.exe file transfer program.

Grpconv.exe group file conversion tool. The group file (GRP extension) under Win3X can be converted into a folder under the [Program] item in the Win98 [Start] menu, and each group item is changed to become a shortcut in the folder.

Hh.exe helps to view the program.

IEshwiz.exe Custom Folder Wizard. In Win98, you can set its own unique appearance style for each folder, edit the background pattern of the folder, text color and other content to enrich the personality characteristics of your system. It corresponds to the [Custom Folder...] item in the [View] menu of the Explorer.

IMEGEN.EXE with input method generator

Internat.exe input method switching program. The program is resident in memory, and the familiar input method will appear in the lower right corner of the taskbar after running.

Ipconfig.exe DOS
environment TCP/IP configuration program. You can view and modify the configuration of TCP/IP in the DOS

IsUninst.exe uninstaller. By executing this program, you can safely uninstall programs and related components in Windows.

Kodakimg.exe Image viewer in Windows, run this program to browse graphics files in multiple formats.

Mem.exe DOS
Memory Status Viewer. Run this program to view the physical memory usage of the currently running program in the MS-DOS

Mplayer.exe media player. Run this program to open the media player dialog and play programs such as VC
D or AVI.

Mkcompat.exe enforces compatibility programs. When Microsoft designed Win9X, the most common problem is probably compatibility, so that it would rather sacrifice some 32-bit program performance, and also ensure maximum compatibility with traditional software. Now think about it, the reason why this program is not put in the clear, maybe Microsoft is very confident system compatibility, I feel that this thing is not needed! The usage of this tool is: when a previous version of Windows program (mainly When Win3X's 16-bit program cannot run or is unstable, it can provide a variety of options to adjust its operating mode and operating environment so that it can be used normally, of course, at the cost of abandoning many advanced features.

MSCONFIG.EXE system startup configuration program. This is a very useful "good stuff", suggesting that a basic friend set a shortcut for it in the start menu. Through it, in the four important files of Autoexec. bat, Config.sys, System.ini, Win.ini, you can directly modify or even create new content, and register each line in these files and in the registry as Each item that runs at startup can be selected one by one or not; the program also provides 12 options for more advanced users, which can be used to solve some software and hardware compatibility problems. Another great advantage of this tool is that it can easily back up and restore the startup configuration, and the content that is prohibited by the user is not deleted, but the specific tag is temporarily disabled, which is beneficial for future recovery and high security.

Mshearts.exe Online Heart Wars game.

msimn.exe Outlook Express program.
Net.exe Use this tool to view the relevant network configuration of this machine.

NETCONN.EXE Home Network Wizard

Notepad.exe Notepad. Run the program to enter the "Notepad" editing window.

Pbrush.exe drawing program. Use this program to enter the "painting" editing window for painting operations.

Progman.exe program manager. Run this program to edit an existing program group or create a new one.

Ping.exe DOS
Working IP address lookup tool. In addition to being able to detect whether a specified IP address can be connected, there is also a use: when logging in to the server, there is no data transmission for a long time. In order to prevent the other party from being disconnected due to timeout, it can be "Ping" it to achieve a forced connection. The purpose of the host. This program usage can be viewed in the DOS

Regedit.exe Registry Editor. Use this program to view and modify the Windows registry.

Rsrcmtr.exe resource status tool. Use this tool to monitor the system resources currently used by the program.

Scandskw.exe ScanDisk, which detects and repairs data errors on disk surfaces and disks.

Scanregw.exe registry check and backup program. Execute the program to check for errors in the registration form. If the check is correct, the user will be prompted to back up the registry. Is a 32-bit version of Scanreg.exe in the Windows/Command directory that can be used to check and back up the registry. Modify the values ​​of the keywords Backup and Optimize in the Scanreg.ini file to determine whether to back up and optimize the registry (1 is yes; 0 is no); modify the value of MaxBackupCopIEs, you can choose to keep the number of backups, backup CAB compression package Also save the System.ini and Win.ini files; modify the value of BackupDirectory, you can specify the path to backup backup package; use "Files=[directory code,] file name 1, file name 2,..." The form can add files to be backed up, where the "directory code" has 10, 11, 30, etc., corresponding to the Windows directory, the System directory, and the boot disk root directory. Please add "directory code", otherwise you may not be able to find the target, only put a few empty files into the compressed package. This program can be minimized in the background with the "/autorun" parameter, which can be automatically backed up in the background with the "/backup" parameter.

Setver.exe MS-DOS
version setup program for viewing the DOS
version number of the program and deleting the specified DOS

Smartdrv.exe setup virtual cache, virtual memory can be set to the cache, thereby increasing the speed of data reading and writing.

Sndrec32.exe recorder. The recording operation can be performed using this program with the audio device connected, and the recorded file (.wav) can be played back in the recorder and media player.

Sndvol32.exe volume adjustment program. Execute this program to adjust the size and balance of the sound.

Sol.exe card game.

Sysmon.exe System Monitor. Run this program to monitor the system's current resource usage, such as CPU usage, memory usage and other system data.

SYSEDIT.EXE system configuration editor. It is specially used to edit five system files of Autoexec.bat, Config .sys, System.ini, Win.ini and Protocol.ini.

Systray.exe audio control resident memory program. Running it will bring up the familiar trumpet icon of the taskbar, which can be used to adjust the volume and open the audio properties dialog.

Taskman.exe task tool, can be used to view the currently running program, but also run the program that needs to be executed.

Taskmon.exe Task Monitor, its function is to monitor the execution of the program and report it at any time. Able to monitor

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