Teach you to assemble 8 hard drive 1U movie storage server


Today, I still need to use a super good chassis to assemble a large-capacity server —— only 1U height of eight hard disk mass storage servers, a single hard disk capacity of 250G, total disk capacity of 2TB (2000G)! The author's assembly may not be a real NAS. The definition of a real NAS is too complicated. Many places do not conform to the official ocean definition. As long as this thing can store a large amount of information, it can also be accessed through IP and hierarchical management. With remote management, you can also access basic NAS functions through online neighbor access.

Here we must first begin to do the first and most important step to find a machine that can simultaneously down eight hard drives, power supply enough power Peng Pai 1U chassis ! In the early years, this idea will definitely be included in the crazy relationship with the idea of ​​doing 1G capacity E-mail, but now several G-capacity mailboxes are outdated, what is the rare 1U chassis that can hold 8 hard drives ? Mature products have already been placed.

Look at the picture below, this slender and calm guy is today's protagonist —— Maisha Storm 1U8D ten fan 1U rack-mount mass storage server chassis, remember the Maisha storm? The manufacturer named this product with the name that once screamed in the past, which shows how amazing the world's amazing energy will be.

The cover is slowly unveiled, and the eight hard drives are in sight. We have to admire the imagination and courage of the Chinese people. In order to save the custodian fee, what can be thought of!

The momentum of sweeping the earth is precisely because of such a good cooling system, it can ensure that 8 large-capacity high-speed hard disks continue to work stably, because poor heat dissipation is often a serious hidden danger of hard disk damage. According to reports, this chassis comes standard with a 400 watt rated power ultra-thin pure server power supply, the actual operation through the power requirements of dual-strong +8 hard drive, to provide high-standard 365 days of non-stop stable power supply to the server, to ensure Hard disk read and write is correct, reducing the chance of bad sectors.

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