How to get back XP forgotten password


1. Create a boot floppy that fixes the user's password
It is possible to forget the login password.
Start >>>Control Panel>>>User Account>>>Select Your Own ID>> Left: Block a Forgotten Password>>> Step >>>Insert Blank Floppy Disk>>>Enter Password
After the password boot disk is completed, if a password is required, on the login screen, click the arrow to the right of your account, in the pop-up prompt bar. “Use password to reset the disk”, insert the password boot disk is OK
2.NET command to rebuild XP login password
If the user name is ABCD, restart XP, press F8 to enter “ with command line security Mode & rdquo;, enter the Administrator account, type "ld user; net user ABCD 1234 /add" in the command line mode, so that the ABCD user's password is forced to change to 1234.
If you want to add a new user, you can “net user 12345 67890/add”, then <quo;net localgroup administrators 12345/add”, thus establishing a user name <;12345”, password “67890”administrator Group users. After restarting, you can log in.
The above method is only applicable to FAT32 partition and the user account is not Chinese
3. Delete password file under dual system
Start with another system, delete the SAM file in C:\\windows\\system32\\config directory ( Suppose XP is on the C drive). After the restart, there is no password for the Administrator account.
If there is only one XP system, then you have to take off the hard drive and delete it on someone else's machine. Of course, if it is a FAT partition, you can use the DOS disk to boot, and then delete it.
However, the above method is said to cause the system to restart, and it is impossible to enter. I have not tested it.
4. Use the NTFSDOS tool
Use this tool to make a dos boot disk with a readable NT partition. After booting, switch to the system directory, such as C:\\windows\\system32, change logon.scr to logon.scr.bak, copy a and rename it to logon.scr, then wait 15 minutes after restarting the machine. The screen saver that should have appeared becomes the command line mode, and it has the Administrator privilege, so you can change the password and do all other bad things.
After entering XP, change the name of the logon.scr.bak screen saver back.
XP for NT partitions
5. Rebuild passwords with other tools
Linux boot disks boot disk can access NTFS file system, and can read the registry and rewrite account password; use NTAcess tool to wrap around Have syskey protection and reset the login password; there are passware Kit, O&O Bluecon 2000
What should I do if I forget the Win XP login password?
If you install the Windows XP operating system, you have forgotten the system login. User “*****” password, you can use NET command to solve the problem:
Windows XP provides the "net user” command, which can add and modify user account information, the syntax format is :
net user [UserName [Password

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