Win10 system will wake up after blue screen and prompt error code 0x000000ef reasons and solutions

Windows10 system notebook after entering sleep mode, as soon as a wake up will appear blue screen failure, people feel very troubled, how is this going? Let's take a look at the specific solution to this problem.
Win10 system will wake up blue screen and prompt error code 0x000000ef, the specific problem phenomenon is as follows:

Fault reason analysis:
1, most of the blue screen is caused by the driver problem, the safe mode starts The environment only loads the necessary system files and drivers to exclude the effects of third-party software or drivers.
2, if there is no blue screen or unlimited restart in the safe mode, then basically can judge the impact of third-party software or drivers, we can uninstall one by one to check.
If you have such a problem, if you have a display file, then it will be easier! By analyzing the ntoskrnl.exe file is a file in the Nvidia graphics driver.
It is recommended that you try to uninstall the driver and get a driver matching Windows 10 to install.
After uninstalling, try to use Windows Update to automatically install the driver. After the test, check whether the fault is still the same. If not, uninstall it again, then use the driver wizard or 360 driver to install the graphics driver.
If you know your own graphics card model, you can download and install it on the official website, which basically solves the problem.
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The above is the Win10 system sleep After waking up, there will be a blue screen and the error code 0x000000ef will be prompted and the solution will be introduced. The friends who have encountered the same problem will quickly follow the above methods!
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